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When i do "/loadmod cheats" it does nothing but say cant find file "cheats"

it would be really nice to know how to fix this

when i do "/loadmod cheats" it says compile error:mods/cheats.mod.gml[72:6] 'is_object' not a function or script


make sure you're on the latest version of NTTE, version 9940 should pretty much work

how to download a mod?

Hey, so I'm trying to install it, but even though I'm not launching or using Nuclear Throne in any way, it still says that it can't install it...

I can't load the mod

It works, but does not allow me to see added (modded) weapons. Can this be included in the next update :D

Already has that feature! Make sure you're scrolling all the way down past base game weapons

It's not working for me. I've tried using /loadmod, I've trying simply holding down 1. But the mod itself is not working :(

Do you get an error or something when doing "/loadmod cheats"?

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i get one error "couldn't file "cheats". 

so  idk what i need to  do ? 

thanks :D 

pd: nevermind , i found how to fix it.


how do you fix it?

i hope you see this

i cant activate it!!! Help pls

By can't activate do you mean that holding the 1 or 2 keys does nothing, or do you mean you can't load the mod with "/loadmod cheats"?

... uhhh thanks  i already did it... the 1 and 2 keys werent doing nothing because i didnt loaded mod... heh...

What is NTT?

nuclear throne together