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A cheats mod for NTT that allows you to quickly and easily do a variety of things, from ammo, health, and rad adjusting to weapon, character, and b-skin swapping.


  • Hold 1 to open the general cheating menu.
  • Hold 2 to open the character cheating menu.
    • Video showcasing all the functions of these above two menus.
  • Press 3 to toggle the object spawning menu.
    • Type in chat to search for an object.
    • Video showcasing all the functions of this menu.

Besides the cheating menus, this mod also contains a couple of commands that modders may find useful. They are:

  • "/find <object name> <variable name>" -
  • Traces the value of the given variable that the given object starts with.  Useful for quickly finding things like projectile damage, enemy HP, etc.
  • "/sprite_stats <sprite name / id>" -
  • Traces the given sprite's ID, width, height, x/y-offset, frame count, and visual appearance in chat.

On compatibility between mod-added objects and the object spawning menu:
In the second showcase video, you may have noticed I was able to spawn the Pyro enemy using the object spawning menu. If you want your own modded objects to be compatible with Cheats mod, refer to how the Pyro mod uses the custom script obj_create(x, y, object) to create the Pyro, as Cheats mod calls that script when looking for modded objects.

CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-mod


cheats.mod.gml 60 kB

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When i do "/loadmod cheats" it does nothing but say cant find file "cheats"

it would be really nice to know how to fix this

when i do "/loadmod cheats" it says compile error:mods/cheats.mod.gml[72:6] 'is_object' not a function or script


make sure you're on the latest version of NTTE, version 9940 should pretty much work

how to download a mod?

Hey, so I'm trying to install it, but even though I'm not launching or using Nuclear Throne in any way, it still says that it can't install it...

I can't load the mod

It works, but does not allow me to see added (modded) weapons. Can this be included in the next update :D

Already has that feature! Make sure you're scrolling all the way down past base game weapons

It's not working for me. I've tried using /loadmod, I've trying simply holding down 1. But the mod itself is not working :(

Do you get an error or something when doing "/loadmod cheats"?

(1 edit)

i get one error "couldn't file "cheats". 

so  idk what i need to  do ? 

thanks :D 

pd: nevermind , i found how to fix it.


how do you fix it?

i hope you see this

i cant activate it!!! Help pls

By can't activate do you mean that holding the 1 or 2 keys does nothing, or do you mean you can't load the mod with "/loadmod cheats"?

... uhhh thanks  i already did it... the 1 and 2 keys werent doing nothing because i didnt loaded mod... heh...

What is NTT?

nuclear throne together