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A cheats mod for NTT that allows you to quickly and easily do a variety of things, from ammo, health, and rad adjusting to weapon, character, and b-skin swapping.


  • Hold 1 to open the general cheating menu.
  • Hold 2 to open the character cheating menu.
  • Video showcasing all the functions of these menus.

Besides the cheating menus, this mod also contains a couple of commands that modders may find useful. They are:

  • "/find <object name> <variable name>" -
  • Traces the value of the given variable that the given object starts with.  Useful for quickly finding things like projectile damage, enemy HP, etc.

  • "/sprite_stats <sprite name / id>" -
  • Traces the given sprite's ID, width, height, x/y-offset, frame count, and visual appearance in chat.

More information

Published 30 days ago
Tagsntt, ntt-mod


cheats.mod.gml 42 kB


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i cant activate it!!! Help pls

By can't activate do you mean that holding the 1 or 2 keys does nothing, or do you mean you can't load the mod with "/loadmod cheats"?

... uhhh thanks  i already did it... the 1 and 2 keys werent doing nothing because i didnt loaded mod... heh...

What is NTT?

nuclear throne together