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Armed with flame resistance and the ability to violently destroy projectiles, Detonator can reduce the wasteland to ash and debris in moments. Video

- Original idea by ModdedPan, sprites by Blaac, and code by Yokin.

Published Oct 18, 2017
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-race


detonator.race.gml 29 kB


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Doesn't seem to install, hopefully this isn't just me

Working as it should for me, are you sure you're loading the mod like it says on this page? https://bitbucket.org/YellowAfterlife/nuclearthronetogether/wiki/Loading%20mods

No no no, I mean it wont even download.

Is that just a problem for you on this page or do other page's downloads not work either? I can see by this page's analytics that the download worked for about 50 other people

Pages other than just yours do have the issue, on both my PC and my Laptop.

Couldn't tell you what's up then, sounds like a problem on your end.