A downloadable mod

Inspired by this chart from huttyblue, Gunlocker is a mod that aims to implement as many of the game's missing weapon types as possible (with some discretion to keep them fun).

Big thanks to those that helped work on this mod, without them it definitely wouldn't exist!

  • Tech_Penguin (Mega thanks to this guy)
  • Narotiza
  • BlorengeRhymes
  • Blaac
  • 9joao6
  • Bun
  • Saturnyoshi
  • Jsburg
  • BlissfulSomeone
  • Hux52
  • Sham
  • Anyone I hopefully didn't forget!

Currently I'm doing other things right now, but I'll come back to update the mod with more weapons later.

StatusOn hold
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-weapon


Gunlocker-Public1.1.rar 116 kB


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Here is a little image i made for Gunlocker hope you like it

Dude that's awesome! I love it

Thanks dude, its an honour to have my drawing used in such an amazing mod.