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This mod adds the IDPD unit "Pyro", based off of Melting.

The Pyro wields a low range, but dangerous, flamethrower which can be lethal if you get caught in its arc. They also have the ability to explode nearby corpses, causing them to be extremely dangerous on loops or areas with a lot of them, so take them out as quickly as possible.

- Sprites by BlorengeRhymes, code by Yokin.


pyro.mod.gml 13 kB

Development log


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Man i love this mod. Any plans on making Elite Pyro?

Not at the moment, but maybe one day

Thanks. Also, how can i download Pyro sprites?

Go into the mod and individually copy the long strings of text that look like


into a Base64 to Image convertor, you can find one by searching on google or something

Thank you so much :)