Update 1/20/2018

  • Added some text flashes for first time seeing / killing all IDPD.
  • Made "LAST ONE"-type text flashes not play when the last enemy is a maggot nest, big maggot, etc.
  • Improved the text flashes for when you kill the last of a certain type.  So for example instead of saying "NO MORE BANDITBOSSES" or "NO MORE BIGMAGGOTS", it'll say "NO MORE BIG BANDITS" or "NO MORE BIG MAGGOTS".
  • Fixed Throne / Throne II killing themselves on SUPER mode.
  • Fixed pause screen being slow-mo if you paused while standing still.


super hot.mod.gml 36 kB
Jan 20, 2018
super hotNV.mod.gml 36 kB
Jan 20, 2018


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