A downloadable mod

  • Time only moves when you move.
  • Overhauled visual style, made to look like SUPERHOT.
  • The most innovative top-down shooter you've played in years.
  • The command '/SH' allows you to switch through a few modes of increasing difficulty, which also make the game play more like SUPERHOT:
    • Basic :
      • Standard NT, but time only moves when you move.
    • Easy :
      • Most projectiles are smaller.
      • E / Shoot when out of ammo to throw your weapon.
      • Can only hold one weapon at a time (unless Steroids).
      • Less enemy HP.
      • Click when holding nothing to punch nearby enemies.
    • Normal (+ Easy) :  ! Default Mode !
      • Most projectiles are faster.
      • Thrown weapons break into pieces.
      • No ammo pickups, weapons can drop instead.
      • Less player HP / smaller player hitbox.
      • 2x reload.
    • Super (+ Normal) :
      • All projectiles are team-less, they can damage anything.
      • 3x reload.
  • Works on any FPS, so play in 60 FPS if you want (/gml room_speed = 60). But be warned this mod was optimized for 30 FPS, so prepare for possible lag.
CategoryGame mod
Tagsntt, ntt-mod

Install instructions

'super hot.mod.gml' is the standard version of SUPERHOT mod.

'super hotNV.mod.gml' is the "No Visuals" counterpart to SUPERHOT mod, for those who either get too much lag or don't want the visual overhaul.

This mod requires NTT beta (v9923+), get it from the NT Discord's #co-op_buddies channel description: https://discordapp.com/invite/nt



super hot.mod.gml 41 kB
super hotNV.mod.gml 39 kB

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mod review?



for the mod lol

It says that there's no "player timescale" or something like that and it won't work

Look under Install Instructions

Ooooh, so i need the BETA, sorry i didn't knew it was a separate version, i'll try it out